Eco-Transformation of 80's House. Forest Row. Sussex

The client had recently bought a very oddly converted bungalow in a ‘garden-city’ type neighbourhood of Forest Row. The client had spotted the potential of the house and site, and engaged JG&D to explore options.

A key requirement was to reduce the energy load as much as possible and generate enough to electricty to go ‘off grid’

A number of radically different plan ideas were explored, resulting in relocating the entrance and living spaces to create a large open-plan living area with improved views and flow from the entrance, through new utility spaces, through to the back garden.

Windows and doors were enlarged and high performance windows specified.

faux-classical trims and features were removed and the whole house was ‘wrapped’ in highly insulated ash-thermowood cladding. The previously tiled roof replaced with ‘ziplock’ steel.

The result is a cabin-like house which sits well in it’s wooded location and suits the owners outdoor oriented lifestyle.

Super-insulated walls, high performance windows and insulating the roof ensures the lowest possible energy load. Underfloor heating improves efficiency. Battery storage and solar PV’s on the roof generate enough electricty to supply the house. It was nearly, but not quite possible, to do away with the gas boiler!