James Gallie Architecture and Design started in November 2010 when James left van Heyningen and Haward Architects to start something new. James collaborates with former colleagues at vHH and others. We have worked with each other for over 10 years.

JGA+D will typically deliver the following services:

  • A full Architectural Design service, from briefing consultation, surveying, feasibility studies, concept design through to planning applications, design development, and project realisation on site. We can come in at any stage in the process and will shape our service to fit the clients’ needs.
  • Consultation on the reconfiguration and best use of existing buildings to fit the clients needs, both current and future.
  • Analysis of possible uses and development opportunities for existing underused or unwanted buildings and sites.
  • Eco-refurbishment consultation and minimizing the carbon footprint of your building. All building types.

We have a ‘no job too big or small’ approach and will happily get involved in anything where the optimization of space is required, even if the construction is limited. In fact, we believe in a ‘light touch’ approach to maximize the use of existing space in any given situation, rather than persuade our clients to spend unnecessarily on reconstruction or new build.

The resulting projects and output may be diverse, but there are common threads

  • LISTENING to clients to gain a deep understanding of what is really needed, as well as what they would like
  • OBSERVING the current building, place or site and who is going to use it
  • THINKING about other project parameters, particularly effects on the environment and looking ahead to the future
  • DESIGNING efficiently and in search of the right solution, even if this means a light-touch approach
  • SHARING the excitement of an efficient, innovative and potentially challenging proposal
  • CRAFTING space, materials, light, and sound, to create a harmonious sense of place

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